Never before, has the need to reassemble our community been so clear.

With the whole world separated, and so many wonderful teachers and students in need for a place to gather, learn and share, we hope to create a space where we can gather, learn, maybe even unlearn and learn again.

We believe that through constructive discussion and the desire to seek the truth we will open our eyes collectively to the wonders behind this series of 26&2. 

Since we took our first class and fell in love with the 26&2, and perhaps graduated as teachers our thirst for knowledge led us up and down many a path. We did this driven by our own desire to have more tools and understanding to expand our own practice or teaching. 

Our intention with this community is to create a platform where all knowledge is easily accessible within the comfort of our own homes as well as the opportunity to meet and discuss our experiences.

Its time to honour our diversity in the context of our common love for this series and come together to grow as a whole.

We have a lot to share! Collectively we have decades of experience to draw on.

Join us as we unpeel layers of our experience and let you in on the many things we have learnt along the way.

You can expect to learn, question and by questioning learn a little more about the series as well as yourself as a teacher or student. 

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Like we said- we have a lot to share with you and we invite you to listen to our lively and fun chats! We love talking about the 26&2- maybe you know the feeling?

Over the decades we have been teaching, we have explored the depths of our own understanding both on and off the mat &  will gladly share all we know with you!

Launching Fall 2023

Once a quarter, we and the countless others who have inspired us, will explore deeper the many topics that challenge and interest us as students or teachers.

Our intention is to help you uncover the power and intricacies of this series as well as how it works or all bodies in the hot room enabling you to understand the function of this healing series.

Launching Fall 2023



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