Yes! You are. The thing is, you already did. You already turned things up a notch. Set something in motion and fired up to change and transformation by choosing to check out our website.

You stepped into a higher alignment with yourself and the person you want to become.

Nothing is a coincidence. A calling, gut feeling or inner voice was brought to this place, and now the real question is, what do you intend to do with it?

You can do two things. Immerse yourself in the magic of the 26&2, and unlock the secrets to the powerful self-realisation & transformation yet to be discovered, or you can have a browse, click and look. We will be here for you when you're ready.


In our first building block, you will gain an in-depth understanding of:

- The Asana Function of the 26&2

- The Practice of the 26&2

- Interactive Weekly Posture Labs

- The Anatomy & Physiology of the 26&2

- Our Lineage

- The Philosophy of yoga

- Pranayama, Kapalbhati & the function of breath prompts of the 26&2

DATES: February 6th - March 24th 2023

I'm taking the plunge


In our second building block, which is designed to prepare you to be a Hot Yoga Instructor, you will additionally learn:

- How to study the dialogue

- Interactive Weekly Dialogue Labs

- Yoga Anatomy & Modifications for the injured

- How the dialogue works and finding your authentic voice

- Bringing Value to your studio community as a teacher

- Technology & the business of yoga

- Holding Space versus Taking Space & our ethics & duties as a teacher.

- 300 Hours, Including Mentorship

DATES: April 17th - June 16th 2023

I'm ready to teach


Our third building block is designed for diving deeper into the knowledge that you have gained in levels 1 & 2  and build further to understand:

- Anatomical Intricacies of the many systems of the human body within the context of the 26&2

- Skeletal Placement & bone shapes versus soft tissue and how it will impact the practice of the 26&2

- Teaching the pregnancy series and modifications available to women with normal pregnancy-related issues.

- Function over Form: Teaching to inform and inspire students at various stages of their practice journey.

- Lovingly establishing boundaries with students and holding to your own space. 

- How to correct students before, during and after class.

- Deep Dive: The teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda

I'm ready to inspire

Why should you get online with us?

We want to support you every step of the way on your path of self-realization and personal growth! Through our online courses you can dive deep into the original 26&2 sequence, and the ancient philosophy behind the practice.  You will get:

  • Online access to the course, so you can progress through the course at your own pace.
  • We give you access weekly to new content, you will have the time that you need to reflect on the material that has been covered and the opportunity to ask questions in the pre-session recap the following week.
  • On-demand courses & recordings to review within the comfort of your own schedule and learning. 
  • Included in your training package, you will have 1 year free membership with the NHYA which will give you access to a community of support and additional learning modules that pique your interest as well as access to virtual guest lecture events hosted by NHYA
  • Direct contact with your teachers & the Nordic Hot Yoga community who are available for you via email or zoom!

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