Learn from Scandinavias best hot yoga teachers. Whether you desire to become a teacher or simply immerse yourself in the original 26&2 sequence, our program will suit you.

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Yoga education is a continuing process, just like the yoga practice itself. With our modular learning capsules you can continuesly refresh and renew your knowledge and go deeper.

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 The NHYA was created to re-establish a hub where those true to the benefits of this incredible series can connect and  grow in the understanding of the Original Hot Yoga.

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Behind the NHYA stands 3 dedicated teachers who have been at the forefront of the Nordic Original Hot Yoga community for many years. For more than a decade, we have lead the growing communities dedicated to the original 26&2 sequence in our respective countries.

We represent Sweden, Denmark and Norway and with every cell of our being we represent the desire for quality continuation of the Original Hot Yoga lineage here in the Nordics.

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