Since our journeys as teachers began we have been accumulating knowledge about the incredible original 26&2 series, and we have had the incredible honour to work alongside some of the most inspirational and knowledgable teachers.  

It is our intention to provide not only our own knowledge but the direct knowledge from those that have inspired, lead and educated us over the years.

Much like yourself, our journey as a teacher is continual and together we are looking forward to building and growing the continual learning modules on offer to inspire you to become the greatest version of yourself, both on and off the mat. 


Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, studios were forced into a place that was really only for the tech savvy and by doing so, began a defining shift in the business and teaching of yoga. 

Join us and learn about the platforms, tools and tips required to facilitate a high quality yoga class that leaves students smiling, sweaty and sore without the aid of the hot room. 

We will also look into developing a personal brand, an online presence and making the most out of the social media platforms to allow you to shine confident, bold and bright.

Launching Spring 2022


Join the inspirational Teri Almquist of Wellness Hot Yoga in as she delves into how we as teachers can learn to hold space for our students to navigate through the 26&2 and teach this incredible series with compassion, allowing students to feel safe to struggle and by doing so, teach them to discover their strengths.

Teri graduated as a teacher in 2005 and is the studio owner of Wellness Hot Yoga in Massachusetts and has mentored hundreds of teachers to help them become more confident, effective and knowledgeable. She believes every student deserves a good teacher, and every teacher deserves the opportunity to be a great teacher. 

Launching Spring 2022



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