Trine Zafina Søndergaard

Trine has been teaching worldwide for more than a decade. She graduated Bikram Yoga Teachers Training in Los Angeles in Fall 2006.

After her training she travelled extensively around the world teaching Bikram Yoga. In 2010 she founded Bikram Yoga Copenhagen, and it is her passion and love for Bikram Yoga that brought this original style of hot yoga to Denmark. With her charismatic leadership and fiery energy, she has been the trailblazer for the Original Hot Yoga in Denmark. Today she is the founder & owner of Bikram Yoga Roskilde.

In 2013 she helped establish the Danish Yoga Federation, and for the past 7 years she has been the chairwoman for the federation. From 2013 till 2016 she also worked as the Vice President for the International Yoga Federation. Since 2021 she as served as an International (A-level) Judge.

Trine is a trained constructing architect, and she is a skilled entrepreneur.  She also does a lot of spiritual work, as a life coach, reiki healer and regression therapist.

These days Trine lives in Roskilde with her husband and two small daughters, where she is growing a beautiful community for Bikram Yoga.  


Resh Erichsen

Resh is the founder & owner of Bikram Yoga Oslo and a certified teacher of Bikram Yoga since 2009.

She is also a certified Yin Yoga Teacher as well as a certified Level 1&2 Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher and has been teaching since 2009. 

She began yoga journey at the age of 10, under the guidance of her parents who were students from Ghoshs Yoga College of India in her home city of Kolkata.

Having been immersed in yoga from childhood while growing up in Sydney Australia, her understanding of it became  an intellectual and spiritual journey of reconciliation between the influences of the East and the West in her life and this journey is evident in her teaching.

She believes that we all have an incredible tool to become the best version of ourselves in all circumstances by using the physical, mental and emotional training ground of the yoga room to understand the many processes in our body. She believes that through this yoga practice, you will learn that regardless of whether it is hot, humid, uncomfortable or if it is still, quiet and calm – inner peace and a genuine smile can be achieved regardless of circumstance or environment.”

Erik Persson

Erik has been teaching Bikram Yoga all over the world for the last decade, and is a dedicated and strong teacher. He graduated Bikram Teacher Training in the Fall of 2009 and was awarded" Best Yogi" out of 300 students.
Since then he never stopped teaching or practicing and loves to share his knowledge and love for the practice. He's personality is full of passion, and he will teach you how to lead with energy, compassion and precision. 
Erik has competed in Yoga Sport for many years and is the reigning European Champion. In 2020 he won the World Championship of Yoga Sport, and now holds the title of World Champion. Erik serves at as International (A-level) coach for the International Yoga Sports Federation, helping others accomplish their competitive goals.
These days Erik lives in Malmö Sweden with his wife Hanna and two small children. He teaches Bikram Yoga in Malmö on daily basis.
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